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Our spirit: constantly innovative ideas, the times, the pursuit of excellence.

Our Vision: Dining highlights with the hotel culture blend. To create a the Hotel Features unique taste, to build a national hotel brand with Chinese characteristics.

Our mission: to provide perfect for the distinguished guests, sincere, attentive service, and always make guests feel surprise.

Our aim: guests first, people-oriented.

Our values​​: high moral character, teamwork, mutual care and dedication.

Our business philosophy: symbiosis, coexistence, and win-win bigger market.

Our management thinking:

1, to ensure that the policies and procedures of rationalization, concise, and convenience of guests and employees.

2, for the staff to create a fair, just, open work environment, not only conducive to the development of our cause, and help to achieve our personal goals in life.

3, demonstrate honesty, care and integrity in the quality of advocacy in getting along with people.

Our goal: thrift, the pursuit of profit.

Our behavior: simple and harmonious interpersonal relationships, loyalty grateful code of conduct, learning attitude towards life, a concerted teamwork.

Our slogan: feel valued, preferred honor.