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  Honor, in southeast China's southern Fujian, is a shiny brand, is a remarkable large chain enterprises. Her management philosophy, grade of service, branding all in a sincere first modern enterprises Koreyoshi homes interpretation to the people. Honor Hotel Group, founded in 2001, honors the brand since the venture, catering, hotel services expand the chain, domestic influence development in the last ten years, honors Hotels Group, the public awareness of East China Inn brand. Has won the Fujian famous trademarks, National Excellent food and beverage companies, China abalone Shoppes, demonstration unit of China Food Safety, Chinese food brand, Chinese dishes research and development center to promote demonstration bases, AAAA grade Green Hotel, the national premium restaurant, the World Golden Key Hotel Alliance many other honors.
  Group now has 30 of the general manager level management personnel; more than 600 senior and middle management and technical personnel of more than 1,000 people, 8,000 of the total number of employees. Honor Hotels Group humane, standardized management vivid manifestation of the constant progress and innovation, leading the excellence, the pursuit of perfection, the spirit of enterprise. "Honorary hotel brand focused on creating and advocate the business philosophy of" customer-oriented, integrity management, high-star service, mass consumption ", to build a national hotel brand with Chinese characteristics. Now owns: Jinjiang the honorary International Hotel (five-star) , Fuzhou, Jiangxi the honorary International Hotel (Five Star), Shishi Honor Hotel (four-star), Jinjiang Honor Hotel (four-star), of lions green crystal Hotel (Samsung) Fuzhou honor Restaurant (Meifeng shop), Fuzhou honor Restaurant the eleven (Zhengda stores) Fuzhou Honor Hotel (Samsung), the Xiamen honor seafood restaurant, the Quanzhou honor seafood restaurant, the Jinjiang honor seafood restaurant, Beijing Honor seafood restaurants and other hotel chains. various hotel chains have been catering Features, committed to provide customers provide quality humane services. directors of the Group Chef World Imperial Kitchen Yang consistent a burglary disciples Hu full Wing has obtained CCTV division, young culinary artist, Fujian Fujian master "," 2006 National Top Ten most watched young chefs, the food and beverage industry in China Top Ten People of the Year "," National Cooking Competition has won the Golden Kitchen Award "honorary title

  "Honor" achieved good economic benefits at the same time, did not forget to return to the community, has donated thousands of yuan to support the cultural and educational undertakings, sports career, the cause for the disabled, earthquake relief, poverty relief fund efforts to support the construction and development of the public good, was generally well received by the community.